5 der Hauptattraktionen, die Sie waehrend Ihrer Belize Reise erleben sollten

For a small nation, Belize has a lot to offer. While on the Caribbean coast, a diverse flora and fauna romps on the second largest coral reef in the world, the interior of the country is characterized by dense rainforest and its inhabitants. If you are adventurous and love nature, Belize has tons of exciting activities to offer. The tours Belize of Wolf Tours enable you to experience an exciting mix of adventure, nature and culture. We have pre-planned tours, packages and travel components in the program, but also offer tailor-made tours for individual travelers. More than 12 years of experience and highly satisfied customers have made us the leading provider of German-speaking Belize travel locally.

Belize Zoo:

Belize Zoo is an exotic animal, the only zoo in the world that only houses native animals and one of the best zoos in America. Only animals that are either ill or orphaned or confiscated by smugglers are taken. If you’re not a wildlife photographer, this is certainly the best way to take a snapshot of the native animals of Central America.

Caye Caulker:

This small island is manageable and easy to reach either by water taxi or domestic flight. Known for its slow and comfortable atmosphere, it has attracted backpackers for years. Meanwhile, more and more “normal” guests mix in the picture of the island. The Split is the best place to relax all over Caye Caulker. This is a remarkable statement, since the island, as already mentioned, is very calm and relaxing.

Since the Cayes of Belize do not have extensive sandy beaches, the sandy shore on the edge of the clear Caribbean waters, which are deeper and bluerals than usual on the Split, lends itself to a bathing day.

ATM cave

ATM’s notoriety has penetrated even to Europe years ago, it is probably the most famous attraction in the interior of Belize. On an approximately 6-hour tour, which leads through rivers as well as in the cave itself, one can follow the centuries-old advance of the ancient Maya into the deep interior of the cave. Clay pots, skulls, and skeletons testify to their presence.

It is not allowed to do the tour without a licensed guide. But this is a plus because the well-trained guides are able to inspire the imagination of the visitors in such a way that one really believes himself to be found in a ceremony with sublime chiefs walking under terrifying animal masks in the midst of exotic smells.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Founded in 1990, CockscombBasinWildlifeSanctuary is one of the largest national parks in Belize. Known as the first Wild Jaguar sanctuary, it is home to 60 of the 700 big cats in Belize.

In addition, it is home to up to 400 different species of birds and thus the ideal place for bird watching.

Of course, you can also meet representatives of other native species on the extensive hiking trail system.

Blue hole

Jacques Cousteau made it famous, the LighthouseReef Atoll, located 70 kilometers from Belize City and hostel of the Cousteau-researched Blue Hole. It is a 160-meter deep hole about 400 meters across. Due to the relatively low marine life, the Blue Hole is not necessarily THE dive spot. Nevertheless, somehow it belongs in the logbook of experienced divers. But beware, even some divers have left their lives here, it’s not for beginners.


I hope you have come to the Belize taste with these short introductions.

If you want to spend such an amazing and exciting holiday in Belize, contact us at Wolfs Tours at +501 605 4640.

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